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Our Promise

At Portals, we’ve been supplying the global security industry with high security cylinder mould watermarked papers for more than 300 years, constantly innovating through design to meet the needs of our customers.

Our people are always at the heart of the business, proudly working together with our partner clients and suppliers to produce the highest quality passports, certificates, brand labels and security document solutions.

At Portals, we are big enough to trust and small enough to care, always delivering on our promises, responsibilities and commitments. With a long and trusted heritage behind us, we also have an exciting and focussed future ahead.

We are Portals Paper.

Our Purpose

Securing the foundations of the world’s passports, certificates and security document solutions.

Our Mission

Working in close partnership with the security print industry, governments and issuing authorities to deliver high quality and sustainable bespoke security paper solutions.

Our Vision

Leading the industry in high security paper solutions.

Our Team

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