Portals announces sale of assets from Overton Mill

Following the announcement that Portals paper business will gradually withdraw from the banknote market with the closure of Overton Mill, we are now beginning the process to sell the assets and materials.

Overton has, over the years, had significant investment with over £50m spent over the last 10 years and £25m since 2018 alone. As a result, there are some significant, high value assets which may be of interest.

Contact details for the specialists assisting with the sale is provided below – please contact them directly for more information.

Details of other assets and materials that will be available, including raw materials and Intellectual Property,  will be published at a later stage.

For More Information

Pulp & Papermaking Mill operational equipment & High value specialist spares

  • Pulp & Papermaking Mill operational equipment (Papermachine, finishing equipment, foilers, Pulp mill, lab equipment) sale process now live – see attached Asset Catalogue
  • High value specialist spares (Vacuum pumps, refiners & fillings, motors, drives etc.) sale process to be launched by the end of September
  • For more info please contact John Wilkie Paper Mill Services Ltd
    John Wilkie – jw@wilkiemaryfield.co.uk
    Tel: +44 (0)7967 726501


Spare parts and general operational equipment


Summary of Mill Operation Assets

Pulp Mill

  • Full cotton comber preparation plant including cotton cleaning, bleaching and Bivis. Capacity 1.5t/hr. Last upgraded with £2m investment in 2012.
  • New £4m Andritz refiner line including 4 papillon refiners + all auxiliary equipment including high speed pulping line. Capacity 2t per hour.



  • PM1 – full banknote papermachine with £15m upgrade in 2020. Complete new wet end, wire section and press section, ABB drives and control system, vision system. Capacity 15t per day
  • PM2 – full banknote papermachine. Capacity 20t per day
  • PM3 – full banknote papermachine. Capacity 25t per day. £1m ABB drives upgrade in 2018
  • PM8 – full banknote papermachine. Capacity 10t per day.


Surface Applications

  • Foiler 1 : Kurz Euro / Secure window foiler. Two foil units, screen printing, secure window, ISRA system. Installed in 2017 with £8m investment.
  • Foiler 2:  Kurz Foiler installed in 2003 with upgrade for MD registration in 2014 at cost of £1m and £1m ISRA system. One foil unit, screen printing, ISRA system.
  • Gravure coater 1: application of Platinum ™ coating. Newly installed in 2017 at cost of £3m
  • Gravure coater 2: application of Platinum ™ coating. Installed in 2003 and upgraded in 2017 with £0.5m



  • Rewinder line. Speed 1200m/min reel to reel. Investment of £2.5m in 2009
  • Bielomatik paper converting line 1: full converting line and auxiliary systems, ISRA inspection, counting, wrapping, semi auto palletiser. Speed 350m/min
  • Bielomatik paper converting line 2: full converting line and auxiliary systems, ISRA inspection, counting, wrapping, semi auto palletiser. £1.5m Bielomatik controls upgrade in 2019. Speed 350m/min
  • Strekker  6
  • Packing line


Other equipment

  • PVOH / Additives plant including anti soil treatment. Autonomous plant. Investment of £2m in 2012
  • 2 x Algas disc filter system for white water cleaning on papermachine and DAF unit. Investment of £4m in 2018
  • Laboratory: £2m investment in new laboratory and equipment in 2012. Over 100 pieces of lab equipment available
  • Valmet Pulp Expert and Metso MAP system for fibre analysis
  • Power station with Siemens gas turbine for 6MW power generation. £1m control system upgrade in 2017
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning plant, £3m investment in 2014
  • Expanding Mould cylinders
  • Vaults x 2

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