Republic of Malta ePassport

Always at the forefront of passport design, The Republic of Malta’s ePassport document incorporates an interwoven polycarbonate bio-data page alongside watermarked end papers and visa pages.

The new ePassport features unique visa page designs portraying Malta’s rich heritage through renowned landmarks, art, folklore and traditions. Using the same cultural theme for both watermark design and print features, an extra layer of integration and complexity is created.

In this instance, the Maltese Cross and fishing boat are incorporated as three-dimensional multi-tonal watermarks on the visa pages as well as appearing as part of the line modulation designs on the end papers, bio-data page embossing and UV print screenings.

Working in close collaboration with both the customer and HID for the book design and assembly, the watermarks were designed and produced by Portals at their dedicated passport and high security paper mill in the south of England, with the intricate watermarks expertly achieved via the cylinder mould paper making process.

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