The right technologies for a secure national currency

Banknotes are the physical representation of a nation’s currency. If the banknote is easily counterfeited or does not last in circulation, then the entire currency can be undermined.

Helping to maintain the integrity and security of a nation’s currency is an important role, that Portals are proud to bear.

Ross Holliday

Chief Executive Officer

Our market leading position as an independent manufacturer of security components ensures we are able to meet the demands of our customers, on time, every time.”

Your choice of security

Sharing our knowledge
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A promise of monetary value and a unit of exchange, banknotes perform the function of legal tender and a facilitator of international trade. A nation’s banknote also provides a showcase of cultural expression for both its people and to the rest of the world.

Banknote payments are inclusive, immediate, anonymous and accessible. They enable trust, stability and often offer the first steps to recovery in times of crisis, change or uncertainty.

Tailor made security

Choosing the right security feature can transform a banknote from being ok to brilliant.

We understand that one product does not meet the needs of all countries and all denominations.

The ultimate solution should be tailor made to meet your requirements – combining overt features for ease of public authentication, through to covert elements for use by professional users and machines.

At Portals, we can offer you the familiar technologies relied on by many countries, through to new technologies. It is your choice.

Made to Last

The very nature of banknotes is that they are designed to be used and spent, but that means they will get folded, torn and dirty. Ensuring the optimum design and specification is therefore paramount to addressing this challenge.

As experts in our field, we have extensive experience in the manufacture of banknote components that last.

Our security threads and foils are designed to last the lifetime of the note, offering the public a route to authenticate the banknote until its very last use, and our paper products protect against these threats and work to extend the life of banknotes in circulation.

Our Expertise

We understand the specification of banknotes are defined according to the threat of counterfeiting, the role of the banknote in the cash cycle, cash processing procedures and, of course, associated costs of the note itself.

All our banknote components are specifically engineered for security and durability.  Our in-house team of technical experts are here to assist and advise on the most appropriate solutions for you.