At the very heart of a banknote, facilitating every aspect of its functionality, is the paper it is printed on.

We’re not just making paper – we’re providing the foundations of a nation’s cultural expression.  Capturing the minds of its people whilst at the same time helping the rest of the world understand what makes them special.

The traditional craftmanship of our designers and engineers is fused with advanced technology to produce highly detailed watermark paper that’s instantly recognisable.

World-class substrates that get turned into award winning banknotes for people all over the globe.

Cylinder Mould

A three-dimensional multi-tonal watermark giving beautiful clarity and high image definition.  One of the most publicly recognised and easily authenticated features of a banknote

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High contrast surface visible watermark that appears lighter and brighter in the sheet than its surrounding area

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Specialist watermarking technique that combines positive and negative (light and dark) elements within the watermark.

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Cornerstone® & Edgestone™

Specialist watermarking technique that reinforces the long edge and corners of a banknote to enhance banknote durability

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Specialist paper coating that improves the soiling resistance of banknote paper and improves both surface strength and durability

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A highly specialist level 3 / covert security feature that protects banknotes from the threat of mass of counterfeiting

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Small fibres or silks can be combined into the sheet during production to become integrated into the furnish of paper

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