The very foundation of a passport is the substrate that the document is produced from

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Our passport paper is used by 1 in 4 Countries – Helping citizens travel the world, gain access to public services and hold a trusted identity document that is highly secure.  The traditional craftmanship of our designers and engineers is fused with advanced technology to produce highly detailed watermark paper that’s instantly recognisable.

World-class substrates that get turned into long lasting passports for people all over the globe.

Watermark Foundations

Cylinder Mould

A multi-tonal watermark gives beautiful clarity and high image definition, one of the the most effective and widely recognised substrate security features. Acknowledged by Interpol, border authorities and fraud experts around the world to prevent book dismantle, page splitting and chip attack.

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Electrotype Watermark

A high contrast surface visible watermark that appears lighter and brighter in the sheet than its surrounding area. Used in conjunction to enhance the cylinder-mould watermark. Electrotype watermarks are a cost effective security solution for page numbering the passport.

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Add Complexity


By combining the innovative positive and negative text, numbers and character effects of Textmark™ into the overall design of the visa page - Complexity increases making it almost impossible to simulate.

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Skylight™ is a complex and unique tamper proof feature where small areas of the paper are specially engineered to be thinner. They create translucent areas across the page that prevent book dismantle, page splitting and chip attack.

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Every year we produce enough paper to make over 70 million passports

Increase Security

Build the security of passport pages further with visible features including threads, fibres and planchettes as well as hidden features like chemical dyes and UV inclusions.

Chemical Sensitisation

Hidden chemical sensitisation dyes can be included during the paper manufacturing process that react to chemical substance attack.

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Threads are embedded into the substrate at the wet end of the paper making process as the sheet is being formed.

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Fibres & Planchettes

Small fibres and planchettes can be combined into the sheet during production. Becoming integrated into the furnish of paper.

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