Threads & Foils Portfolio

Prisma Duo

  • Combining the colour change of liquid crystal and movement effects of holographic to make a complex thread.


  • Colour customise to complement and enhance banknote design


  • Seamlessly demetallise through the holographic and colour-shifting thread without compromise.


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  • Reliable and trusted thread technologies


  • Pigment and liquid crystal options


  • Vibrant colour changing effects


  • Robust and durable


  • Fully customisable with the addition of magnetics (including Mag3) and Multilevel demetalisation


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  • Robust and durable solution for hardworking denominations

  • Sophisticated technologies used during the manufacturing process

  • Available for full customization in a range of colours.

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  • The latest generation of magnetic code

  • Complex magnetic combinations create a unique counterfeiting deterrent

  • Commercially available technologies are unable to detect Mag3™ codes

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  • Double sided holographic image

  • A rich in detail feature for easy public recognition

  • A unique reflective & transmissive feature

  • Demetallized crossing patterns provide strong forgery resistance 

  • Full design customisation possibilities including machine readable features
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Bespoke dual-coloured variable thread, expertly combined with visual textures and text effects

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Holosec™ & Holo CLR™

Beautifully distinctive holographic feature combining multiple effects and covert features

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