At the heart of any high security document is the paper it is printed and produced on.

With growing access to computers, digital imaging software and scanners, photocopiers and high-quality printers, the levels of threat to secure documents is increasing. Staying ahead of the increasingly sophisticated technologies used by fraudsters is essential.

Portals papers have always been the substrate of choice for security documents and our ever more sophisticated security features will ensure that you also stay one step ahead of the fraudsters.

Luca Cimatti

Manufacturing Director, Security Components

Over a hundred Issuing Authorities and expert Security Printers put their trust in us to deliver long lasting, secure and trusted products each year. There is no better testimonial than that! ”

Specialist market sector expertise

 At Portals, we have the flexibility to select the exact security
features that counter against the specific threats they are facing.

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Certificates of authenticity, ownership and origin

The issue

The importance of providing trusted proof of authenticity, ownership and / or origin is as paramount today as it has ever been. With the continued growth of counterfeit and alteration, and the associated impact on revenues and sector credibility, it is vitally important to always stay one step ahead of the criminals.

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Birth certificates and Breeder documents

The issue

Birth certificates, breeder documents and other vital events records are coming under increasing attack of counterfeit documents in order to falsely obtain identity documents with greater entitlements attached to them, for example passports, national ID cards or driver’s licenses.

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Vouchers, cheques and tokens

The issue

Vouchers and financial tokens are used in exchange for an equivalent financial face value.  As an alternative form of payment, they come under frequent attack from criminal activity.  These threats include both the counterfeiting of documents but also alteration of a genuine token or voucher, with the value amount or expiry date key targets of such an attack.

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Brand and revenue protection

The issue

Illicit trade is the unauthorised production or movement of products, goods or services and is becoming an increasingly big issue for brand owners and governments alike, damaging both reputation and revenue streams.

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Security features


Sharing our knowledge
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Secure foundations

At the heart of any high security document is the paper it is printed and produced on. It can also authenticate the document itself as being an original, that can be trusted and verified.

With an array of substrate feature and component options available, the watermark is and remains the undisputed king.

Recommended by Interpol for use in high security documents, cylinder mould made paper is recognised as being the most secure paper type available, and despite developments in scanning, photocopying and digital photography techniques our three-dimensional multi-tonal cylinder mould made watermark remains virtually impossible to simulate.

At Portals, with over 300 years of experience and expertise in making high security papers and watermarks, we are proud to be one of the only paper manufacturers in the world dedicated to producing high-security, non-currency paper, on cylinder mould machines.

Great to print on and designed to last

At Portals, all our papers are specially designed to ensure maximum printability, easy running and optimal performance. With our in-house team of technical experts, we will assist and advise on the most appropriate furnishes and specifications for your specific printing processes and needs.

Our products need to outlive the duration of the document – whether it is a passport that is used for multiple trips over many years, banknotes that are exchanged countless times, or a birth certificate that needs to last for a lifetime.

Through the use of patented technologies, we are able to ensure an improved durability of our papers, protecting corners from folds, strengthening long edges to prevent tears and the use of specialist treatments to enhance overall performance and substrate longevity.