Our designers are fundamental to successful security

Design Collaboration

We understand that time is a precious commodity for professionals that check security documents – often running to tight deadlines to validate and be certain a document is genuine. So it is crucial that we take the time to collaborate and work with all project stakeholders to build a successful security paper.

Collaboration is our motivation


We’re partner with leading security feature suppliers and print providers – taking advice from document fraud experts and border agencies so that we can provide you with a coherent and consistent message of best practice.

Earning trust, building success

Understanding Concepts

Our design team have many years of experience in designing individual features including watermarks, electrotypes, threads building those components to a final cohesive design fit for all levels of security paper. From passports to certificates, banknotes to vouchers and security tags.

The importance of layering

Building security

We understand the importance of layering security. From the foundations such as watermarks, electrotypes and our own Textmark product – through to inclusions such as fibres and planchettes and even chemical sensitisation to know when a document has been attacked, always staying ten steps ahead of the threats you are facing with your documents.


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