Portals is a responsible business

Actively playing our part for a better, more secure
and sustainable future.

We do this by focusing our efforts in the following areas:


We strive to tackle environmental issues by reducing our emissions, water and energy usage.


We seek to enhance society by providing consistently high quality secure and trusted products.


We work in close and constant partnership to achieve greater connection and valued outcomes for all.


We are consistently mindful of our impact and interactions with our employees, local networks and the wider global community.

We are immensely proud of our reputation as a very well regarded company in the local community with numerous local families and generations working as part of the Portals team. The site is a very friendly place indeed where we all go the extra mile to ensure we do the very best we can for our customers and our communities.

Rebecca Lewis, Operations Director

Partnerships & collaboration

The benefits of working in true partnership are great and shared by all parties, if done well.

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Sustainability & the future

Portals is a responsible business and actively contributing towards a better future.

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Environment, Social & Governance (ESG)

The following sections outline our approach and commitment in the areas of Environment, Social and Governance.

Environment: our impact

The production of security paper requires a substantial amount of energy, water, wood pulp and cotton. Reducing our consumption of all of these resources is core to our sustainability strategy.

Social: our community

Our people and communities truly matter to us. Portals actively supports its local communities, with a large proportion of employees coming from within a ten-mile radius of the site. The company contributes to its local communities through a variety of activities and charitable fundraising, encouraging its employees to get involved and engage with local groups.

Portals also proudly puts its people and customers at the heart of the business. We value everyone working at Portals and are committed to investing in our people through training and apprenticeships. We protect their legal and human rights and are dedicated to keeping our employees safe in the workplace while also behaving in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The health of our employees is a very high priority and we are committed to ensuring both their physical and mental wellbeing. Furthermore, Portals is staunchly committed to inclusivity and diversity.

We are Portals Paper

Governance: our principles & policies

Portals is committed to the highest of standards.

Whatever our role and wherever we work, we have a responsibility to ensure that we demonstrate integrity in the way we behave with each other, our customers and other partners.

We do this by adhering to a variety of policies and legal commitments which can be accessed via our footer below.

We also support this commitment by clearly laying out the expected conduct and behaviours for every member of team via our internal values and our code of business principles;

Our Internal Values:

Outlining the expectations we have of ourselves and each other are our set of internal values; “PACE”
– Performance driven; and a commitment to excellence
– Adaptable; proactive and agile; responding to change
– Customer focused; collaborating to develop deep relationships
– Engaged; always demonstrating a positive attitude

Code of Business Principles

Building on our values, our Code of Business Principles, simply put is all about “Doing the right thing”. The code outlines Portals’ core commitments, what they mean and how they should be upheld at all levels within the company and it applies to all Portals employees, suppliers and partners worldwide.

With managers leading by example, set out guidance in the Code of Business Principles covers the following:

– Health, safety and the environment
– Fairness and respect
– Records and reports
– Conflicts of interest
– Protecting personal information
– Competition and anti-trust laws
– Bribery and corruption
– Gifts and hospitality
– Sanctions and Export Controls
– Lobbying and Government Interactions

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