Partnerships & Collaboration

Working in perfect partnership

For specialist security paper makers Portals, the spirit of cooperation and collaboration is nothing new. In fact, it is very much the Portals way of life. We consistently use the many different guises and methods of partnership to ensure our continuing value and contribution to the industry.

Partnership and deep relationships are core to our Mission, Promise and Values, and in everything we do we ensure that every partnership and every interaction clearly demonstrates that at Portals, we are big enough to trust, and also small enough to care.

Successful partnerships

The benefits of working in true partnership are great and shared by all parties, if done well. Problem solving, creativity and innovation can all be enhanced by putting the right teams together.

Skill gaps can be filled and technical issues resolved, time scale improvements, resource availability and performance efficiencies can also be achieved. Shared learnings, networking, coaching, upskilling and technology transfers are all potential gains.

To maximise any partnership, the right foundations must be in place

The number one priority is an agreement by all parties on the shared goal, outcome and target.

All members must be heading in the same direction for any partnership or association to work. Time frames, scope, deliverables and budgets all have to be broken down and clarified. Boundaries also need to be clearly stated, along with the accountabilities, responsibilities and ownership.

The agreement should also include the fundamentals of who does what, who leads or primes, who contributes, who influences and who ultimately signs off. Regular clear communications and project transparency is absolutely key, with an agreed use of terminology and approach, common platforms, aligned processes and key milestones all jointly committed to.

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