Sustainability & the future

Focused on a sustainable future

The topic of sustainability is high on everyone’s agenda – ensuring that we all play our part in meeting the needs of today without compromising our ability to meet the needs of tomorrow. Portals is a responsible business and actively contributing towards a better future.

Portals has been making paper for the world’s leading security printers for over 300 years. We have achieved this by constantly refining the quality and efficiency of our processes and delivering against sustainability aspirations whilst also driving innovation.

Driving sustainability in our papermaking

The production of security paper requires a substantial amount of energy, water and raw material. Reducing our consumption of all of these resources is core to our sustainability ambitions.

Portals is fully committed to being a responsible business, striving to ensure sustainable sourcing and manufacturing processes, achieving industry certifications and upholding our own in-house strict ethical practices, including:

Some of our sustainability projects:

We have a dedicated sustainability team at our mill and have launched a number of major projects to reduce our impact on the world:

Environmental impact

Understanding our impact by calculating our Scope 3 (supply chain) carbon emissions

Renewable energy

Investigation into other renewable energy sources we can harness

Waste management

Effective management of our waste streams

In addition to focussing on major projects, we have many ongoing sustainability initiatives running, including:

Grassland areas

Approximately 6 acres of grassland surrounding the site is protected land and is given to local farmers to use for grazing, reducing the need for tractors, grass cutting or herbicides.

Re-purposing paper

Around 2 tonnes of non-secure paper is re-purposed for onsite printers and the local community schools each year.

Local environment

The neighbouring countryside and nearby riverbanks, are home to an abundance of wildlife, which means we have both a desire and an obligation to protect our local environment. We work closely with local organisations such as the local Bathampton Angling Association and Bathford Village to ensure the protection of our local environment.

Our nature watch initiative:

These are just some of the delightful images we have captured since installing cameras along the river.

Committed to our people and our community

Portals puts its people and customers at the heart of the business and is immensely proud of its reputation as a very well-regarded company in the local community, with numerous local families and generations working as part of the Portals team. The site is a very friendly place indeed where we all go the extra mile to ensure we do the very best we can for our customers and our communities, providing consistently high quality secure and trusted products and demonstrating integrity in the way in which we impact and interact with our local communities.

Our people: HR initiatives

We care about our employees and run a number of initiatives focusing on training and development, health and wellbeing and encouraging engagement of our employees, including:

Looking to the future

Sustainability is important to all of our staff members – our heritage extends back hundreds of years, and there is a real desire to continue making high security paper here for many hundreds more!

Technical advancements have driven sustainable change at Portals, but this is just one part of the solution, with a true commitment to continued sustainability also coming from within and being ingrained as part of our organisation’s ethos and culture.

As we look forward, one thing is certain, at Portals we will always continue to evolve and adapt to ensure we play our part on the journey ahead in helping to deliver global sustainability and a balanced future for all.

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