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Agile security

For over 80 years – Portals have been pioneers of security features.  Trusted to help central banks and state print works design highly innovative security solutions that protect banknotes from counterfeiting.

Always in the pursuit of advancing our solutions we pioneered windowed security threads whilst more recently developing the process to embed wide stripes into paper for some of the highest denominations in the World.  Portals have always been at the forefront in the provision of counterfeit deterrent solutions.

Today our designers use holographic, colourshift and micro-optic technologies to deliver highly innovative security features.  Impressively clear movement, vibrant colour palettes and always durable to make a feature that performs regardless of denomination value and circulation conditions.

Clear Movement | High Durability | Built-in Security


In a split second, know a banknote is genuine with Motus.

A micro-optic thread that delivers strong colour and clear movement for instant recognition.

Vibrant Colour | Bespoke Holographics | Security Enhanced

Prisma Duo™

Upgrade existing colourshift threads to Prisma Duo™.  A thread which combines the familiar and vibrant colour change of liquid crystal colourshift with the movement effects of customised holographics.

Prisma Duo™ makes a complex thread that is familiar to the general public.

Versatile | Vibrant | Colour shifting


Prisma™ is a striking colour changing thread that is intuitive and easy to explain.  Building trust and confidence in a cost effective thread that has a unique brilliance.

Complexity | Verification | Covert


The latest generation of magnetic code, designed with a combination of different magnetic material layers.

It’s the complex overlaying of the magnetic layers which creates the security – A detailed and unique magnetic combination that delivers high levels of security counterfeiting deterrent.

Our magnetics are integrated into the manufacturing process when the thread is produced – ensuring durability regardless of circulation condition.

Mag3 is available on Janus, Prisma, Prisma Duo and holographic threads, foils and stripes.  Mag3 can also be produced on it’s own as a secondary feature.

Double Sided | Secure Window | In-Register


Vista™ is a striking double-sided effect that is integrated into a stripe feature.  Registered to an aperture or window to create different effects dependent on transmitted or reflected light.

Colour Changing | Negative Text | Multiple Bands


A dual or tri-colour banded thread, expertly combined with visual textures and text effects

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