The very foundation of a document is the substrate that the document is produced from

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Helping citizens travel the world, gain access to public services and hold a trusted identity document that is highly secure.  We also help protect a wide range of high security documents – from vital record documents (births, deaths and marriages) through to education and ownership certificates. The traditional craftmanship of our designers and engineers is fused with advanced technology to produce highly detailed watermark paper that’s instantly recognisable.

Every year we produce enough paper to make over 70 million passports


Largest supplier of cylinder mould passport paper in the world


Accredited to supply the security industry

Immediately recognisable security

Cylinder Mould Watermark

Recommended by Interpol, cylinder mould made paper is recognised as being the most secure paper type available and despite developments in counterfeiting technology the three dimensional multi-tonal watermark remains virtually impossible to simulate.

The watermark will often depict portraits, national crests and emblems, but also pattern work and contemporary designs.

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Advanced counterfeiting protection


Textmark™ is an innovative watermark feature that delivers a combinational effect of positive
and negative (light and dark) text, numbers and characters within the watermark.

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Prevent splitting, curling, folding, creasing & tearing

Cornerstone® & Edgestone™

Two of the most common causes of failure for security document substrate are curling / folded corners and tears along the edges of the security document. Through the use of patented technologies, specialist watermarks can be included during the paper manufacturing process to reinforce areas vulnerable to the additional wear and tear typically endured by the bio-data and observations pages as a
result of frequent checking, reading and scanning at border control and other authorities.


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Tamper evidence


Skylight™ is a complex and unique tamper proof feature where small areas of the paper are specially engineered to be lighter
and thinner than the surrounding area and background sheet.

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Chemical abrasion protection

Chemical Sensitisation

If a chemical substance is used to attempt to alter the information printed on the sheet, the specific area of attack will react to that chemical and show up as a coloured staining, the colour of which indicating the type of chemical being used.

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Embedded security


Security threads enable the security and aesthetic design of the document to be taken to another level – they are easy to verify and recognise and are obvious if absent or altered in any way.

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Integrated and random security

Fibres & Planchettes

The random nature of the fibre and planchette dispersion within the paper means no two sheets or pages are ever the same making counterfeiters attempts to use repetition of layout ineffective.

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