Securing the foundations of the world's passports, certificates and security documents

Secure Foundations

At the heart of any high security document is the paper it is printed on. When authenticating a document as an original, the right paper can provide all the proof you need to ensure its security, trust, originality and integrity.

As global experts in security paper, we help produce millions of passports, certificates and secure documents for use in over 50 countries across the globe.

That is why we are so proud of what we do. We deliver so much more than a simple product; our solutions and expertise enable citizens to travel the world, gain access to public services, prove a person’s identity, provide vital certification, confirm a person’s entitlement and proof of ownership and also authenticate a product as true, genuine and original.

It is quite a responsibility, but one that we are more than happy to bear.


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Republic of Malta

Always at the forefront of passport design, The Republic of Malta’s ePassport document incorporates an interwoven polycarbonate bio-data page alongside watermarked end papers and visa pages. The new ePassport features unique visa page designs portraying Malta’s rich heritage through renowned landmarks, art, folklore and traditions. Using the same cultural theme for both watermark design and […]

Republic of Malta

Republic of Rwanda

Launched in 2019, the design of the EAC Republic of Rwanda ePassport was inspired by Rwanda’s rich and unique culture and known national emblems such as the seal of Rwanda and the Rwandan flag.

The upgrade to ePassport technology represents a key next step in Rwanda’s digital roadmap towards delivering eGovernment services to its citizen population, and aligns Rwanda with the common New Generation EAC ePassport initiative.

Republic of Rwanda

Republic of Kenya

As part of an upgrade to the overall design and functionality of their document, the watermark design in the Kenya East African Community (EAC) ePassport is clearly visible on the visa pages. The watermark design in Kenya’s new passport shows the Kenyan Coat of Arms sitting in a vignetted area on the bottom half of […]

Republic of Kenya

UK Passport

Portals played a key role in the previous two design issuances of the United Kingdom passport, directly enhancing the overall security of the books – documents that are still widely recognised as being amongst the most secure in the world. Working closely with the customer, Portals responded to the specific challenges and threats identified by […]

UK Passport

Beating the Fraudsters

Sitting at the core of any high security document – be that a passport, certificate, label,
stamp or voucher – is the security substrate itself.

The following table shows some specific paper substrate features
and the threats they mitigate.

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