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Your passport is the most important and valuable identity document you will ever own.

Internationally recognised, a passport verifies that your identity is true and genuine, authorises your right to travel around the world and provides access to a wealth of social rights and opportunities.

That is why it is vital to ensure security is built in at every stage of a passport’s design – and that starts, quite simply, with the paper it is printed on.

It is such an inspiration to know our products are helping to protect citizen identities, ensure their access to services and enable their freedom to travel around the world!

Andrew Nash, Managing Director

Secure foundations

To combat the escalating threats of counterfeiting, dismantling / reassembly and data alteration, passports are designed to be the most secure documents they can possibly be.

At the very foundation of a passport’s physical solution is the substrate that the document is produced from – the paper that forms the pages of the booklet, secures it to the cover and frequently contains the personal details of the passport holder. The vitally important tamper-evident properties of the sheet must also work in unison with excellent printability and durability characteristics.

The printed elements of the passport can be extensive, therefore all our papers are specifically designed to ensure maximum printability, easy running and optimal performance.

Requirements of a passport

Passport Security Documents

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