Sustainability driven by technology

It’s no secret that humans have been consuming resources at an alarming rate, the harmful effects are well documented.

As sustainability becomes paramount, we must all play our part in addressing sustainability challenges head-on. In the currency industry, producing banknotes that balance a complex set of requirements; from security and durability, to design and cost effectiveness, has led to a value chain that is high in energy and resource consumption.

As we tackle these consumption rates and look at wider sustainability targets, could technology be part of the solution? Since its re-establishment as an independent papermaker just over 2 years ago, Portals has invested over £21m in technology based initiatives, many with sustainable manufacturing at their heart.

In our latest article, featured in issue 6 of the Banknote Technology Report, we examine how investment in technology is driving sustainability at Portals, the impact of refined production processes and what the future of banknote production may look like.

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